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Stansted Airport Inquiry

APPEAL REF: APP/C1570/W/20/3256619
Airfield works comprising two new taxiway links to the existing runway (a Rapid Access Taxiway and
a Rapid Exit Taxiway), six additional remote aircraft stands (adjacent Yankee taxiway); and three
additional aircraft stands (extension of the Echo Apron) to enable combined airfield operations of
274,000 aircraft movements (of which not more than 16,000 movements would be Cargo Air Transport
Movements (CATM)) and a throughput of 43 million terminal passengers, in a 12-month calendar period.



UPDATED NEWS – please check this daily –  The most up to date news can be read here



Stansted Inquiry Portal – this is available for anyone who wishes to watch the live streaming of the Inquiry.  Also for anyone who wants to view the recording of any of the sessions – the recordings will be uploaded following each day of the Inquiry and are expected to be available to view within 24-48 hours.

Downloads are now available of the Inquiry proceedings and will be available for 30 days after the close of the Inquiry. You need to click on the relevant day and there is a download button
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The Inspectors

The Inspectors for the Inquiry are: Michael Boniface MSc MRTPI,G D Jones BSc(Hons) DipTP DMS MRTPI & Nicholas Palmer BA (Hons) BPI MRTPI


The Programme Officers

The Programme Officers for the Inquiry are Yvonne Parker & Helen Wilson. 

You can contact them at:

Telephone contact: Yvonne Parker: 0781 333 4305, Helen Wilson: 0787 944 3035


The Inquiry  

The Inquiry will commence on Tuesday 12 January 2021 at 10am. This will all be held remotely.


The Inquiry Programme

The current Programme for the Inquiry can be read here.


Inquiry Documents

All documentation submitted once the the Inquiry commences can be downloaded here


Proofs of Evidence, Statements and Written submissions

The above documents can downloaded here


Core Documents

The Core documents with links to the documents can be downloaded here


Pre-Inquiry Documents (Part One)

This is a list of letters and documents prior to the start of the Inquiry which are not core documents or Proofs of Evidence and can be found here


Case Conference Meeting (CCM)

The Case Conference Meeting was held remotely using Microsoft Teams at 10am on Thursday 24 September. 

The notes from the CCM can be read here

The agenda for the CCM can be read here

The Pre conference notes for the CCM can be read here

The responses from the parties can be read here







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