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Bredbury Industrial Site – APP/C4325/W/21/3279967



Part A: Outline planning permission with all matters reserved for the creation of a commercial/industrial development providing up to 53,327 sqm of B2/B8 employment floorspace (including ancillary office accommodation) along with the provision of other associated infrastructure (including internal plot access, roads, parking, footpaths, internal landscaping and the provision of a car park to serve Stockport Sports Village).
Part B: Full planning permission for the creation of two commercial/industrial units comprising 39,857 sqm (including ancillary office accommodation), strategic landscaping, the widening and realignment of Bredbury Park Way and the relocation of its junction with Ashton Road, along with the provision of other associated infrastructure (including access, parking and internal landscaping) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


20 October 2021 – The Notes of the CMC have been issued and can be viewed here and below at the Case Conference Meeting topic


The Inquiry

The Inquiry commences on Tuesday 1 February at 10am and is expected to sit for up to 10 days. It will be held remotely on the TEAMS Platform and will be live streamed.


The Programme Officer

The Programme Officer for the Inquiry is Yvonne Parker. email:

Telephone: 01282 450522 or 0781 333 4305.


Case Management Conference (CMC)

The Case Management Conference (CMC) was held remotely on Monday 18 October 2021 at 2pm. 

The Notes & Directions from the PIM can be read here


The Programme

The Programme for the Inquiry when available can be downloaded here


Core Documents

The Draft list of Core Documents can be downloaded here


Proofs of Evidence

The Proofs of Evidence can be downloaded here


Inquiry Documents

Inquiry Documents when available can be downloaded here


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