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Welcome to the website for Programme Officer Services Limited (POSL). Yvonne Parker set up POSL in 2006 but has been a Programme Officer since 1990. In that time she has managed well over one hundred Inquiries and Examinations. For more details of past projects please click here.


The planning system is constantly changing and timescales becoming tighter and so the services of a very experienced Programme Officer can only benefit everyone concerned especially with sensitive and complicated matters that can arise when dealing with Site Allocations or Compulsory Purchase Orders. We now need to be proficient in running physical and remote Inquiries/Examinations and a mixture of both at short notice and can advise you on all these issues if required.


With the years and experience that Yvonne has gained she can work on any type of Inquiry or Examination and is totally self-sufficient. Please see an example of the the different types of work that POSL can undertake here.


POSL advises Promotors and Local Planning Authorities on their database systems, document referencing and guide them on their preparation for large Inquiries and Examinations. POSL also worked as an Inquiry Manager for the promoters of major schemes and manage their large Inquiries.


POSL also advises and trains new Programme Officers, LPAs, solicitors and Planning Consultants.


POSL has an excellent reputation and much of the work comes from personal recommendation and  returning to work for old clients.


POSL knows what it takes to produce and manage an effective and efficient Inquiry and the aim at all times is to give all the parties the best service possible and ensure that Inquiries/Examinations run smoothly. POSL offers excellent value for money in this time of financial constraint.


Please contact Yvonne Parker if you would like more information about POSL.


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